Friday, November 11, 2011

Custom Electronics Fixturing

I have a good customer in OSCIUM. They specialize in test equipment that utilizes the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch interfaces.

This past year I made a number of fixtures for their programming interface for their PCB's. They asked that I not share any pictures of the programming fixtures, but here is a picture of one of the soldering fixtures that I manufactured for them.

They have recently been displaying their products at trade shows. I was asked to make some display fixtures for them out of acrylic material. I was very pleased at how well the acrylic machined. I had no experience with this material but was able to do some searching on some of the forums and found some useful suggestions that I could use; the most important being "use SHARP cutting tools".

Based on my success with the acrylic on this project, I have been thinking of some ideas of my own using this beautiful material. I hope to get some design work done and some pieces made soon.

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